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September 27, 2017
Hakata Gion Yamakasa
Hakata Gion Yamakasa
October 6, 2017
Nara Park

Nara Park

Nara Park is one of the oldest public parks in Japan. Located in the city of Nara in the Kansai region which is the southern-central part of Japan's main island, Honshu. The park has been designated by the Ministry of Education as a "Place of Scenic Beauty."

The park is home to over 1,000 sika, or Japanese spotted deer that roam freely. The deer are considered sacred and are protected by law. According to Shinto mythology, there was a deity named, Takemikazuchi, the "God of Thunder," who rode into Nara on a white deer to protect the city of Nara.

For more information about Nara Park visit http://nara-park.com/en/

Feeding the deer

The deer are very friendly and some are even trained to bow to you in exchange for crackers that you can purchase for 100 yen. Try holding the cracker over your head to get the deer to bow. Not all of them will but it is very cute when they do!

Some other things to see in Nara Park

Kasuga-taisha which is a shinto shrine which, along with the Kasugayama Primeval Forest nearby, are registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We got married at this shrine and I will write about that soon.

Toda-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple houses the world's largest bronze statue of the Buddha, or Daibutsu(meaning giant Buddha). I have a blog about this coming soon as well, so stay tuned!

We found an ice cream shop that had sake flavored ice cream!

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Nara Park


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